The Blood Harvest, Sharon Bolton


The skull, less than six feet away, looked tiny. As though if he held it in his palm, his fingers might almost close around it. Almost worse than the skull was the hand.
It lay half hidden in the mud, its bones barely held together by connective tissue, as though trying to crawl out of the ground.
The strong artificial light flickered like a strobe and, for a second, the hand seemed to be moving.
On the plastic sheet above Harry’s head the rain sounded like gunfire. The wind so high on the moors was close to gale force and the makeshift walls of the police tent couldn’t hope to hold it back completely. When he’d parked his car, not three minutes earlier, it had been 3.17 a.m. Night didn’t get any darker than this. Harry realized he’d closed his eyes.


The Fletchers’ beautiful new house is everything they dreamed it would be. Built between two churches in Heptonclough, a small village on the moors that time forgot, it ought to be paradise for this young family of five, but they barely have a chance to settle in before they find that they’re anything but welcome. Someone seems to be trying to drive them away–at first with silly pranks but then with threats that become increasingly dangerous, especially to the oldest child, ten-year-old Tom Fletcher, who begins to believe that someone is always watching him.

The adults in Tom’s life are trying to help, including his parents; the vicar next door, younger and more dashing than you’d expect a vicar to be; and a therapist, Evi Oliver, who believes him more than she wants to.  But there are other clues that something isn’t quite right in Heptonclough, including the mysterious accidental deaths of three toddlers over the last ten years.  It is not until Tom’s siblings, two-year-old Milly and five-year-old Joe Fletcher, go missing in turn that the little village’s evil secret turns the Fletchers’ dreams into a nightmare.

With Sacrifice, Awakening, and now Blood Harvest, S. J. Bolton displays time and time again her remarkable talent as a beguiling storyteller, a master of thrills, and the mistress of her own brand of modern Gothic tale.

Ci piace perchè…

E’ il classico thriller un po’ inquietante, carico di presenze paranormali.
Sharon Bolton ha la penna d’oro per questo tipo di trame un po’ “da paura”…nel senso che riesce a catturare l’attenzione del lettore e a tenere altissima la suspence.
E perchè ci riesce talmente bene che difficilmente avrò voglia di visitare i luoghi descritti in maniera tanto lugubre dall’autrice!

BANTAM PRESS, 2010, 425 Pages
ISBN 9780593064115

40enne, mamma di una ex Vitellina, moglie di un cuoco provetto. Le mie passioni: lettura e scrittura. E ZeBuk. Fresca Expat in quel di Londra, vago come un bambino in un negozio di giocattoli nei mercatini di libri usati. Forse è questo il Paradiso!



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